How to maintain your carpet in 3 easy steps

Moving Tips: How to Clean Your Floors

When we moved into our new home, one of the first items on my to-do list was to get our carpets cleaned. Definitely essential to start with a clean slate – you never know what happened to the carpets prior to your moving in!

Several of my friends have had positive experiences with EcoCarpet so I was excited to give them a try (Check out the reviews by Go Adventure Mom and Utah Sweet Savings - the before/after pics are awesome!) Our carpets are darker and didn’t have any noticeable stains so I was mostly looking forward to the the deep clean to give us a fresh start.

The representative from EcoCarpet gave us some great tips for maintaining our carpet.

How to Maintain Your Carpet in Three Easy Steps

1. Vacuum Regularly – This is an easy one for me because I feel like I am vacuuming daily with small children! Here are EcoCarpet’s recommendations:

Light Soil                                                               = 1x per week

Normal Soil (families with children)                        = 1 to 2x per week

Heavy Soil (families with pets, smoking)                = 2 to 4x per week

Extreme Conditions (large families, multiple pets) = Daily

According to EcoCarpet, this is the most important step in maintaining your carpet! Removing dirt and soil from your carpet helps reduce scratching and wearing of carpet fibers! So put on the dancing music and best out the vacuum!

2. Professional Carpet Cleaning - There are some oily soils that just can’t be vacuumed away that build up over time and need to be professionally removed. The recommendation is having your carpet professionally cleaned using hot-water extraction every 6-12 months depending on usage. This is perfect for our family! Once at the end of summer to clear out anything that got tracked in during all that back yard play time and then once again in February. We seem to always catch a flu bug at least once January-March so it’s nice to have the deep clean!

3. Protect Your Investment - When you get your carpet professionally cleaned, be sure to ask about getting a carpet protectant applied to help prevent future damage from spills and general wear and tear in high traffic areas. Our dining room is carpeted so I made sure to have the carpet protectant applied there along with our major walk ways. The carpet protectant keeps spills from absorbing into the carpet as quickly. Major bonus!

I loved that EcoCarpet provided me with these tips! When I get my carpets cleaned, you better believe I want to keep them that way! Here is what I absolutely loved about having our carpets cleaned by EcoCarpet:

Five Reasons to Hire EcoCarpet to Clean Your Carpets


1. Easy to set up an appointment. I ended up having to reschedule our first appointment due to a change in closing dates and EcoCarpet responded quickly to both e-mails and phone calls throughout all our communication. Love the same-day response!

Child-safe Carpet Cleaning Solutions - EcoCarpet

2. No-residue Natural Cleaning - EcoCarpet uses cleaning solutions that are safe for you and your carpet instead of harsh chemicals. Didn’t have to worry about keeping the kiddos away from the cleaning fumes! I also like the no-residue cleaning process that got my carpet cleaner. Two months later and the carpets are still looking good!

EcoCarpet Friendly Service

3. Thorough Cleaning - I was super impressed by the equipment that was used to clean our carpets. EcoCarpet advertises high quality equipment and I felt like that is what I got! I appreciated the wall guards that were used when the equipment was taken upstairs. I also loved that EcoCarpet left us with shoe booties to use until the carpet dried. The fans were also a major plus in helping the carpets to dry. The process was much more detailed and thorough than the carpet cleaner we usually borrow from our in-laws!

4. No-Pressure, Professional, Friendly Service - It was so important to me that the EcoCarpet representative took the time to ask me what our needs were and what we would like done. He let us know what services would meet our needs best without making us feel like we were being nickle and dimed. He was knowledgeable about the process and answered my many questions. The carpet cleaning itself was accomplished in the quoted time and EcoCarpet showed up right when they were supposed to. Love a company that values their customers time! I appreciated that the representative looked professional and wasn’t someone I was nervous having in my house and around my children.

5. Doesn’t Break the Bank - EcoCarpet is competitively priced and offers specials to its customers. Right now when you sign up for their newsletter, you can instantly get $25 off of your service. Plus they often have deals in the coupon packs that come in the mail. So be on the look out! EcoCarpet is worth every penny!

Be sure to follow EcoCarpet on their social media pages to find out about specials and giveaways!

EcoCarpet on Facebook

EcoCarpet on Twitter

EcoCarpet is located in Orem, Utah, and serves Salt Lake and Utah Counties. Give them a call at (801) 855-5696 to set up your appointment today! I am definitely pinning their web-site for when I need my couches and tile cleaned as well!

 EcoCarpet provided me with carpet cleaning services for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and I am so happy to recommend this company!


Lawn Care Tips and Tricks

When we first put an offer on our home in April the lawn was still lush and green. Fast forward to the end of May when we closed and the lawn was looking pretty dismal. The summer heat had already began to take its toll! You better believe I went to the Internet in search of lawn care tips and tricks to bring my yard back!

Loved finding infographics and advice like this from companies like Nature’s Seed. I had no idea that corn gluten meal could be used as a natural weed and feed! Definitely going to give that a try next spring! Thanks to tips like these our lawn is looking much greener … now to take care of those weeds and unpack all the boxes inside! At least the lawn is taken care of!

What is your favorite lawn care tip?

Do you have any secrets to gardening?

How do you keep your yard looking nice?

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine and I love sharing useful tips and tricks with my readers!

Frozen Prize Pack Giveaway!

Frozen Giveaway - Keep Moving Forward With Me

Frozen Giveaway – Keep Moving Forward With Me

My family just got back from a whirlwind 10-day vacation to Walt Disney World. My daughter had fun pin trading for the first time and we even tried out penny stamping. These two activities are perfect for when you are waiting at rides the littles are too short to go on! Cast members with pins and penny stamping machines are all over the parks. Definitely try it out!

To get you started on your penny stamping and pin collection, I doing a fabulous giveaway with Disney bloggers! Do you have any Frozen fans at your house who would love the Blu-Ray? Be sure to enter below!

Pin trading - Keep Moving Forward With Me



Amy, an agent with Destinations in Florida, joined the Pixie Dust Savings team recently and is offering a brand new, factory sealed Blu-Ray copy of Frozen. Along with the Frozen Blu-Ray you will also get 5 Disney Trading Pins, a set of Anna and Elsa pressed pennies, and a Maleficent Button from the 24 Hour party!

Good Luck!

Have you seen Maleficent yet? How did you like it?
Do you pin trade or penny stamp? What are your tips and tricks?
How do you keep kids busy who are too small to go on certain rides?

Places to eat in Utah County – Five Star BBQ

Five Star BBQ - Places to eat in Utah County

My weekend in Austin, Texas converted me to all things barbeque. The tastes, the smells, the experience – I loved it. Since I returned to Utah, I’ve been looking for similar barbeque restaurants to satisfy my craving. Just my luck, Five Star BBQ is a quick drive from my home and I was so excited to try it out with my blogger friends earlier this year.

Five Star BBQ Menu - Places to eat in Utah County

When I try a new place, I am so unsure of what I want to get! I am loyal to my favorite dishes at my regular restaurants. My blogger buddies and I decided to share a burly sampler and I am so glad we did. Love trying a little bit of everything. From the ribs to the creamed corn to the coleslaw, I definitely filled my BBQ craving.

5 Star BBQ - Places to eat in Utah County


















The star of the night – crisp, fresh coleslaw. Growing up I hated coleslaw – could not stand it. I’ve learned to accept it as an adult. I tried the coleslaw simply because the other bloggers ordered it, but then I wanted it ALL TO MYSELF! I’ve been back to 5 Star BBQ since and the coleslaw is the first thing I order – it is that good! The selection of meats were tasty as well -I was just won over by the coleslaw!

5 Star BBQ - Places to eat in Utah County

















One of my favorite things about 5 Star BBQ is this little fridge of sauces. In my opinion, the sauce can make or break the meat. The wide selection of sauces ensured that I was able to find just the right one for my ribs.

5 Star BBQ - Places to eat in Utah County


















Now, Utah County BBQ fans are in luck because 5 Star BBQ has added evening hours on the weekends. Since I first visited 5 Star BBQ, I have already been back plus directed several of my out-of-town and local friends there. You will definitely want to try it out if you are a BBQ fan!

Connect with them on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss out on any of their specials!

What are your favorite BBQ foods?

Vacation Essentials for Children with Eczema

Eczema summer skin essentials - Keep Moving Forward With MeLast summer I learned how important it is to pack the right products on vacation for a child who has eczema. On a week-long vacation to Bear Lake, Utah, my daughter’s eczema flared up with a vengeance possibly due to the sunscreen, bug spray, generic soaps, etc. that we applied to her each day. Instead of protecting her skin, the products may have caused her skin to become even more sensitive and raw.

Bear Lake is a small, vacation town with a general store not quite stocked with eczema essentials. We made an unplanned trip to Logan an hour away to raid the Smith’s skincare aisle for anything that would help. I tossed anything that said eczema into my cart because we were desperate at that point since my poor girl was miserable. Back at the cabin, we tried all the different products and aside from the Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment, she did not get much relief. Bath time was great, but what to do during our days on the lake?

The next day my mom came into town and gave us some lotion from Sego Lily Soap to try. The mixture of shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and beeswax did the trick! It soothed her skin enough for her to enjoy the vacation! Since our trip last summer, I have made it my mission to search out products ahead of time that will work for my daughter’s skin on vacation. We just got back from a 10-day eczema-free trip to Florida where we tried out many products with smashing success! Here are some of my fabulous finds!

1. Swim Zip UV Swimwear

Swim Zip UV Swimwear


















Easiest way to protect eczema-sensitive skin – cover it up! My daughter’s problem areas are on her back and torso under her arms. In a typical swimsuit these areas would need to be covered with sunscreen.

With a Swim Zip swimsuit, my girl is UV protected with no need for extra lotions or spray! Lily selected the Splish Splash design from Swim Zip – I’ve been wanting to try this line ever since I saw Swim Zip on Shark Tank (PS – catch them on Shark Tank again Friday (6/20) night!). Besides the awesome UPF  and UV protection, as a mom I loved the zipper that made it easy for Lily to put-on and take-off. Lily stayed cool and looked adorable every day at the water parks. Stay tuned for my review of these awesome swimsuits!

2. Plain Jane soap from Sego Lily Soap

For bath time, I brought my daughter’s Plain Jane soap from Sego Lily Soap. I wasn’t taking any chances with generic hotel soap like in the past! This soap is perfect for Lily’s skin sensitivities because there are no colors or fragrances added. It is an unscented goat milk soap that I buy just for her (although I have quite the collection of Sego Lily Soaps for myself!). Sego Lily Soap



3. The Solid Lotion Twist Up Stick from Sego Lily Soap

The Solid Lotion Twist Up Stick from Sego Lily Soap was one of the first items I packed after our wonderful experiences with it last summer. Lily had a minor eczema flare up before the trip, but after a few applications of this lotion it cleared right up and didn’t affect her on the trip. So glad that I had it, though, just in case!

The lotion is a rich blend of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond oil, Coconut oil and beeswax. All the good things in a luxury lotion, without the water. When you pit it on, let it set for a few minutes to allow the oils sink in so you don’t feel too greasy. It lasts on your skin for hours. This lotion has been the only lotion that has soothed my daughter’s eczema consistently! It comes in natural lavender, natural vanilla, or unscented. We get the unscented!

4. Thinkbaby sunscreen SPF50+ benefiting LIVESTRONG,

For sunscreen, I decided to try out Thinkbaby sunscreen because it has no parabens or toxic chemicals with a non-oily feel. We used this on Lily’s face and sensitive parts of her arms.

5. Melaleuca Essential Oil by DoTerra

Melaleuca oil mixed with coconut oil has helped Lily’s eczema in the past as well. I made up a little roller bottle before the trip just in case of a flare up! lilyhappy












Thanks to all of these wonderful products, I am happy to say that we left our Walt Disney World vacation eczema free! What a relief to have my daughter comfortable during the trip! Every case of eczema is different and you need to find what works for you, but I hope I’ve given you some hope!

What are your must-have skin products that you take on vacation?

This post contains affiliate links. I love sharing products that have worked for me! 



Disney Travel Essentials – HipsSister

Disney Travel Essentials - HipsSister


















One of the first things I think about when I go on vacation is how I am going to carry my travel essentials – my cell phone, ID, and credit cards. When I went to Europe I had a small travelers pouch that I wore underneath my blouse, but it just had a pocket in front and and a stretchy band in the back continually that rode up. Go back even further to my child hood and I wore this beauty:

Fanny pack at Disney

Raise your hand if you ever wore a fanny pack to Disney! I did many, many times – much to my fashion demise. As an adult, I am so happy that we have converted to the Disney meal plan so I no longer need to carry snacks in my fanny pack. However, I still need somewhere to carry my cell phone, ID, and credit card.

Enter the HipsSister! This was seriously a lifesaver! No joke – both times I placed my cell phone in my pants pocket it fell out. A cast member luckily returned it to me at our drawing class at the animation studios the first time and I was on the floor looking under the seats at the Maleficient preview the second time. Trust me – you don’t want to do that!

From there on out, the ONLY place I put my cell phone was in my HipsSister. Love this product! I tried out the Global on my Walt Disney Worldtrip. It has two pockets – one smaller (6″ x 6″) that I put my cards in and one larger (7″) that I put my cell phone in. The two separate pockets are perfect because I hate worrying about if my cards are going to fall out when I am constantly taking my cell phone out. Worried about carrying your cell phone closer to your body – HipsSister has phone shields! Definitely getting one for my next trip.


The Global comes in black and carbon. While I happily used it for my trip, it is most commonly used for runners and athletes so I am excited to try it out on my next 5K. Hate running with keys jingling in a pocket and worrying about if they will fall out! The HipsSister is a perfect solution!

Global Hip Sister for Travel


















The temperatures were in the 90s while I was in Florida so I was so grateful that the Global is made of a lightweight material. It fit perfectly underneath my t-shirts and when seen it gave the illusion of an under tee. No hint of unsightly fanny packs!

Swim Sister










Another product from HipsSister that I am so excited about is the SwimsSister. Love this sleek and sassy way to store your cell phone while at the beach and water parks. Genius!

My readers are in luck because HipsSister is having a blowout special on Thursday 6/12/2014 for the boss’ 44th birthday. Everything is 44% off on Thursday only. Believe me! This is a steal! If you are traveling or participating in any races this summer – jump on it. You can see all the details of the sale at Traveling Light and Comfortable’s facebook page.

How do you carry your essentials on vacation?

Live Well Utah Giveaway to help you get healthy!

This year my husband and I have been focusing more on our health. More visits to personal trainers, more fruits and veggies, more water – the works. We’ve had some great small successes, but we have still have a long way to go!

I recently had the chance to learn more about the Weigh to Health Program from Intermountain Healthcare. I spent the evening with a nutritionist and trainer getting excited about small changes that will make a big difference in my family’s health and wellness.

Live Well Utah





















The nutritionist spoiled us with a fast and easy meal that even children will love. We went over the Weigh to Health Program step by step to see how easily it can fit into our day to day lives.

Live Well Utah





















I am excited to be offering four entries to the program to four lucky readers!

Fill out the form below for a chance to be entered into the Weigh to Health® program from Intermountain Live Well!

The Weigh to Health® program can help you feel better every day. You’ll learn how to make changes in your life that will help you lose extra weight. Those same changes will also help you:

• Have more energy

• Be more confident

• Reduce stress

• Sleep better

• Be more active

• Manage chronic health conditions

We’re giving away four (4) entries to the program. Enter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Rafflecopter – Giveaway :)

#SuperHeroMom Vitamix Giveaway from

What is your Super Hero Mom Power? Fun Quiz!

Do you ever feel like being a mom is a little like being a super hero? I could definitely use some super hero mom powers right now! Prepping for a 10-day trip, getting ready to close on our first home, encouraging my daughter through 7 days worth of homework to turn in before we go, cleaning non-stop to make our current home show ready – bring on the super hero powers!

Today I took a quick break from all the craziness and took this oh so fun quiz from to determine what super hero I am and what my supper mommy power is.

Drum roll please … I am Elasti-girl. The ultimate multi-tasker. Sounds about right!

If I can’t live up to my Elasti-girl powers, maybe I can at least be like Michelle Duggar? Meeting Michelle Duggar or her daughter-in-law Anna is on my bucket list. I want to know how those gals did it/do it with all the littles at home! The TLC show is not enough to satisfy my curiosity – I need a full-day to discover their mommy super powers!

Every Super Hero Mom deserves something special for Mother’s Day! is giving away a Vitamix plus daily cash prizes to some lucky mamas! I can think of a few things I would do with an extra $100 cash. You can enter to win now through 5/11.

Send your hubbies on over to check out the coupons and deals at the bottom of the page, too. Combine saving money with my favorite frozen Greek yogurt = successful Mother’s Day!

Vitamix Giveaway





What super hero power do you wish you had?

Do you know a super hero mom? What makes her special in your eyes?

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Celebrate Spring with Baby Animal Days

Baby Animal Days - Things to do in Utah


















My children adore baby animals. A few years ago we did a spring photo shoot with baby chicks and they’ve been talking about it ever since. This year we are so excited to be attending Baby Animal Days on May 9th and 10th in Kaysville courtesy of Utah State University Botanical Center.

Baby Animal Days












If you have never been, you are missing out! The children are able to hold ducklings, bunnies, and chicks as well as pet and see lots of other baby animals like goats, llamas, lambs, horses, and reptiles.

Baby Animal Days

Along with the baby animals, there will also be food vendors and craft activities for the children. Be sure to check out the climbing wall and bounce house, too! I know my children are excited for the train ride and face painting!

Here is a schedule of the events so you can make sure you don’t miss your child’s favorites!

3:00 – Sheep shearing
4:00 – Baby Reptiles
5:00 – Talented Talons
6:00 – Sheep
7:00 – Baby Reptiles

11:00 – Sheep shearing
12:00 – Baby Reptiles
1:00 – Talented Talons
2:00 – Sheep
3:00 – Baby Reptiles
4:00 – Talented Talons
*PLEASE NOTE: Additional fees apply for some activities.

Baby Animals Day

Here’s what you need to know about this fun, family event:

Friday May 9th 2-8pm
Saturday May 10th 10am-6pm
Located at 875 South 50 West, Kaysville, UT 84037
(Wetland Discovery Point Building)

Here’s a link to directions from I-15 if you are unfamiliar with the area.

Tickets are available by preoder here or you can purchase them at the gate. Enter the discount code TAKE5 to get $5 off of your family pass!

Baby Animal Days

One lucky reader will win a family pass for your family for up to 6 related people. The ticket is good for either Friday or Saturday. Just enter in the rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Baby Animal Days

Hope to see you there!

What is your favorite baby animal?

Vacation fashion made easy with TwirlyGirl Reversible Skirts

Disclosure: I reviewed this product as part of an advertorial.

Twirly Girl Reversible Skirt


















With our Walt Disney World trip only weeks away, it’s time to start packing! I’ve had a little too much fun styling outfits for my six year old daughter. I love buying little girls cute clothes! With how long we will be gone, I’ve been on the lookout for unique and fun pieces for Lily’s vacation wardrobe. Every little girl wants to be a princess at Disney World so when I saw a reversible skirt like this from TwirlyGirl, I knew my daughter would love it! What girl doesn’t love a twirly skirt?

Twirly Girl Reversible Skirt



















From the moment she put on the reversible skirt, Lily could not stop twirling! Her skirt is called Sunset in the Butterfly Garden – isn’t that a fun name and so perfect for the darling fabric? I love the length and the bright colors. I feel like Lily is a walking piece of adorable art when she wears her reversible skirt. The skirt is advertised as well-made children’s fashion so I am excited to see how it holds up with all of Lily’s twirling and dancing. She loves seeing the two different patterns and it will be great to have two different outfits for our Disney World trip.

The skirt is machine washable and hasn’t wrinkled so far- perfect for packing in a suitcase! I have a very specific packing method to save space and time so wrinkle-free is just what we need. Stay tuned for that post if you need packing tips for children!

Twirly Girl Reversible Skirt



















Lily was enchanted by the idea that it is two skirts in one. And she’s not the only one! TwirlyGirl reversible skirts for girls have been sighted in Hollywood as well! Lily is in good company with Suri Cruise and Heidi Klum’s daughter. Aren’t those dresses adorable? 

Heidi Klum Twirly Girl

Suri Cruise Twirly Girl











If you would like to see TwirlyGirl’s entire collection, shop here. For a limited time, my readers can receive 10 percent off their order using the code MovingTG! Just input the code in the Coupon Code box at checkout. The coupon code does not apply to sale items, gift certificates, or the Design Your Dress feature.

If you have a little fashionista on your hands, you may want to check out TwirlyGirl’s Design Your Own Dress option. You and your daughter get to work personally with one of the TwirlyGirl dressmakers to create a one-of-a-kind dress. What little girl wouldn’t love that?

Check out a few more of their fun, summer patterns! From maxi dresses to dresses with wings, little girls will not be able to get enough of these darling dresses and reversible skirts! Kind of makes me wish they were in my size!

Twirly Girls Reversible Skirt Twirly Girls Reversible Skirt

Stay in touch with TwirlyGirl on their social media pages to be kept in the loop on new styles and designs


Follow me on bloglovin and instagram if you want to see more of our Disney outfits!

What are your favorite clothing items to wear on vacation or pack for your children to wear on vacation?

What is you daughter’s favorite outfit?

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.