Chalk Board Santa Cookie Plate

Santa Cookie Plate - Keep Moving Forward With Me


Once upon a time I received a dreamy box full of glitter in the mail. My daughter and I knew our weekend of Christmas crafts was about to become much sparklier! Our biggest project – giving Santa’s cookie plate an upgrade.

Our first step was to gather the supplies and select which glitter to use for the border.

Santa Cookie Plate - Keep Moving Forward With Me

Lily choose Gold, Snow, and Citron from Michaels Recollections Glitter Collection. The extra fine glitter was perfect for our project! You can buy the glitter individually or you can also get them in pretty sets. The prices start at $3.99 and, let me tell you, the glitter lasts forever! My six year old applied the glitter liberally several times and it barely put a dent in the containers.

Other supplies you will need include:

Paint Brushes – a wide one and a smaller one for touch ups

Crayola Chalk

Painter’s Tape

Chalkboard PaintΒ or Spray Paint

Modge Podge


Once we had all of our supplies together, Lily helped me tape off where the chalk board paint was going to go.

Santa Cookie Plate - Keep Moving Forward With Me

Because we were taping a rounded edge, I tore the tape off in several-inch long pieces and then laid them down overlapping until we surrounded the entire edge of the plate. I then used my little sharp tool to make an even cut around the entire edge. I did this step myself, but Lily helped with the rest of the process.

Next came the fun!

Santa Cookie Plate - Keep Moving Forward With Me


Lily started by painting the outside of the circle and then finished with the middle. This helped her to not getting any of the paint outside the circle. We let the chalkboard paint dry over night and it was ready for a second coat in the morning.

Santa Cookie Plate - Keep Moving Forward With Me

It was time to move on to the SPARKLE! We poured the modge podge into our glass cup and then used both the smaller and bigger brushes to spread it on the plate. The smaller brush was for the inner ring. We did it in sections so the modge podge did not dry too fast.

Santa Cookie Plate - Keep Moving Forward With Me


Lily knew the best way to apply the glitter. Pour, pour, and pour some more! I started applying it much too thinly. The sections where she literally dumped the glitter looked much better. For the first coat of glitter, we sprinkled all three colors from the Michaels Recollections Collection. The glitter we used was very fine, but Michaels also has chunky and tinsel glitter available which may be fun to use as well!

We let the glitter dry and then we went over any sparse patches with another layer of modge podge and more glitter. Putting a poster board underneath the plate allowed us to catch any glitter that fell off. We funneled the glitter into a plastic bag and then poured it on for the second coat. You will want to spray a sealant on keep the glitter in place as well.

Lily was THRILLED with our final project.

Santa Cookie Plate - Keep Moving Forward With Me

She quickly wrote her thank you note to Santa and now she can’t wait to make cookies Christmas Eve. This was the perfect craft for Lily and I to work on together! We are already thinking of ways to use our glitter from Michaels next!

My boys also got in a little glitter fun when Lily was at school. I made them snow bins and sprinkled in the Peacock extra fine glitter. They loved making mini snow men inside!

Glitter Snow - Keep Moving Forward With Me

Thank you to Michaels for making this post possible!

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48 thoughts on “Chalk Board Santa Cookie Plate

  1. Megan Sutliff

    This looks like such a neat fun craft!! I have been meaning to get chalkboard paint and keep forgetting about it. Thanks for this post!

  2. Wendy Kaufman

    I love Michael’s! I just wish I actually had time to use all the craft stuff I get there πŸ™‚ I’m thinking we might need a cookie plate. I love the idea of handing it down.


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