I am Brave and Beautiful Update!

I am Brave and Beautiful Movement

A few weeks ago, I shared a little bit of my heart for the I am Brave and Beautiful Movement. Taking my makeup off and joining in with 100s of women to share our definition of beauty felt amazing. Have you read the stories of these amazing women? If you haven’t yet, grab a tissue and read them all here.

I am a Dancing With the Stars fan so I was thrilled when Bethany Mota and Derek Hough danced to Colbie Caillat’s Try on a recent episode. Colbie sang and played live – it was amazing! Beautiful and powerful – happily admitting that I cried. The visual of pushing away all of the labels and expressing love for ourselves touched my heart. You’ve got to watch it!

I am so happy that Bethany addressed bullying. It’s an issue that truly breaks my heart. At the beginning of the school year, I found out that my second grader was being pushed by older boys at school. I should have guessed something was wrong when my normally can’t-wait-to-get-to-school little girl was begging to stay home. We had a long talk about bullies and we talked with her teacher. There haven’t been any problems since then and my mother heart is praying that we don’t see any more for a long, long time.





That is why the #IamBraveandBeautiful movement is so important and so close to my heart.  I want my daughter to always feel brave and beautiful. I want her to be the kind of person who lifts and inspire others rather than tearing them down. I am trying to be that kind of person myself.

Joining in on this project has been a great way to see the good in many of the bloggers I work with. They are not just pretty faces. They are women with hopes and dreams, families and friends. Just like all of us! I am so grateful to them and each of you for sharing the good in the world!

Have you seen the Colbie Caillat music video Try? What did you think?

Are you a Dancing with the Stars fan? Who do you predict to win?

How do you teach your children about their individual worth?

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