How to make Family History Bingo

Family History Bingo

It’s no secret that I LOVE family history. I’ve been pouring over pedigrees and journals since elementary school. Attending Roots Tech earlier this year fueled my family history fire and since then it’s been my goal to get my family just as excited about exploring their roots.

We’ve done Family History Jeopardy and have a trip to the Family History Discovery Center  in Salt Lake coming up later this month, but one of my favorite ideas so far has been Family History Bingo. Everyone LOVES BINGO – it is a classic game. Adding in ancestors and stories to a game that children are familiar with makes it a win/win for everyone.

Family History Bingo was uber easy to make! Here’s how I did mine.

Log on to FamilySearch.orgIf you don’t have an account, it is free and easy to sign up! From my account, I was able to access all the family photos you see above and download them. While you are collecting the family photos, be sure to copy and paste a fact or story for each person into a word document for the individual BINGO photo cards that you draw.

Make a collage in PicMonkey.  Use a photo program like Pic Monkey to make a collage.

Click on collage and upload your pictures. I saved all of mine in the same folder for easy uploading.

Next click on layout – the boxes.

PicMonkey Tutorial


Click on Square Deal for the BINGO format. I used 4×4, but you can also use the traditional 5×5 for BINGO.

Once you have your layout, click back on the photo icon at the top. Drag and drop each of your photos into the squares.

Voila! You have a BINGO card. Repeat the process for each BINGO card.

Print and laminate. I printed mine off at home, but you may want to go with a professional printing service to get the best quality.

Once printed, I laminated mine for durability.  Here is my favorite laminator and sheets.

For the key, I made a regular bingo card, laminated it, and then cut out the individual photos. Before I laminated the pictures, I wrote the person’s name on the back along with a fact or story about them. I put all the pictures in a bowl for the children to randomly draw from.

If your family doesn’t have much info on (it’s a great time to add it!), you can do it from personal family photos and stories as well.


Family History BINGO

Family History BINGO is such a fun and easy way to introduce your children to their ancestors. My children, nieces, and nephews loved matching the pictures on their cards to the pictures I was holding up. Plus it created an easy environment to share their stories. We talked about Great-Grandpa Vic who jumped over a ditch everyday on the way to school and went on to set jumping records for the state. We giggled over the serious picture of Great-Great-Great-Great Grandma Celia who was known to be quite the jokester.

Family History is a Family Afffair

I hope you have just as much fun with your Family History BINGO cards as we did! Tag me on instagram if you make a set – @Keepmovingforwardwithme – I would love to see.

What are your favorite ways to explore family history with your children?

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26 thoughts on “How to make Family History Bingo

  1. Heidi

    I love this idea. We have a family card game that includes us and the kids’ grandparents. I love this idea to teach kids about their ancestors. I love that you can tell a quick story about each ancestor as you play. Hmm. I’m thinking this would be a great project for my daughter to make for a goal for Young Women’s.
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  2. Erica

    I love this idea. I used to do tons of family history but I have found it hard to find time now that I have little kids. I think this would be a great way to get kids thinking about family history.

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