Behind the Scenes of Just Let Go #JustLetGoMovie

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Behind the Scenes of the Movie Just Let Go

I signed on as an extra, but left the movie set as a renewed believer in the life-changing power of forgiveness.  Just Let Go is a real-life story brought to the big screen that will pull at your heart strings and make you think twice about what it truly means to forgive. This is the achingly real and inspirational story of Chris Williams and his family. These are his words:

“On Feb 9th, 2007 my family was hit by a drunk teenage driver killing my wife who was 6 months pregnant, my son Benjamin 11 and my daughter Anna 9. The Savior taught the importance of love, gratitude and forgiveness, and now in my moment of extreme trial as I grieved for my wife and children, I could only think to do that which he would have done and I completely and without reservation forgave whoever had struck our vehicle. I don’t think it is coincidence that as soon as I had made that decision in my mind, I heard my son Sam cry out from the back seat.”

The world premiere of Just Let Go takes place September 28th at more than 400 theaters around the country. Along with the premiere, you’ll experience a live event with musical performances by Ryan Innes and Lincoln Brewster. The event will be hosted by Delilah and Henry Ian Cusick as well as Chris Williams will be in attendance. Get your tickets by clicking here before they sell out – this an event that you won’t want to miss!

Here is a sneak peek at what you will see:

Words seem inadequate to describe how I feel about this movie. I’ve been an extra before for LDS film productions and the television series, Promised Land, so I was familiar with the film process before I arrived on set.  My daughter and I had the privilege of being in the church scenes and I returned the next day for the court room scenes.

Just Let Go

Photo Courtesy of Propel Pictures

It was an absolute honor to see Henry Ian Cusick (Lost) at work. Cusick channeled the anguish, the humility, and raw emotion of this real-life story in a way that brought me to tears. Sitting as an extra in the congregation of the small American Fork chapel, there was no need to pretend to be overcome with emotion. It was only after filming, that I realized that the real Chris Williams and his family were in the congregation with us that day.

Just Let Go - the story of Chris WIlliams

Meeting Chris Williams, I knew that I was shaking hands with an honest-to-goodness hero. In a world of where action figures and fighters are glorified on the big screen, his story deserves a standing ovation. The man I met was humble, yet happy. A man who had found joy and peace after and amidst sorrow and destruction. I knew that I couldn’t wait an entire year to see the film, I HAD TO KNOW his story. How does one forgive such a heart-wrenching act against them? How did Mr. Williams keep moving forward?

The answer is in the movie (get your tickets before it sells out!)   and do yourself a favor – read the book, too!  Let It Go: A True Story of Tragedy and Forgiveness is available on as well as at Barnes and Noble.


My experience as an extra on Just Let Go is one that I will never forget. (Read more about it and see more pictures here.) From meeting Chris Williams and Henry Ian Cusick to watching the movie magic happen, I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll have more opportunities with inspirational films like this in the future. These are the stories that need to be told and the heroes that we need to look up to. I hope you’ll join me at the world-wide premiere on September 28th! 

Just Let Go

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I am looking forward to hearing the soundtrack for Just Let Go as well!

It features the new song Rise & Fall by Ryan Innes.

Tickets available here: 

Just Let Go



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