Summer fun at Cherry Hill!

Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill is a favorite family tradition that has lasted 40+ years. What’s the secret sauce to getting 100+ people together every year? Maybe it’s the delicious slices of pie on Saturday night, maybe it’s the races down Cardiac Canyon, or maybe it’s the campsite games and conversations. Whatever the reason, I am grateful to grandparents who have gathered us to together at Cherry Hill since I was a baby. And now I take my own babies!

Cherry Hill

This family-friendly place is nestled in Davis County. It’s grown from a campground with a pool to include a water park, rock wall, mini golf course, and more.Cherry Hill

Seriously acres of activities to explore. I promise you will want to stay for more than a day. It seems to get better and better every year. I was content picking cherries there when I was a kiddo and playing tag on the playground.  Now there is so much to do, you may want a season pass to enjoy it all! Cherry Hill

Typically it’s tradition for us to close out our summer at Cherry Hill, but I’m thinking we need to sneak in another weekend in July! There’s brand new slides to check out and my kids are begging to go!

Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill is celebrating 50 years of being family owned and operated. To celebrate 50 years, they are giving away over $20,000 in prizes including Megaplex tickets, Lifetime products, ski passes, and much more every day of the 2017 summer season. Check out their website and follow them on Facebook for more information and to see a calendar of events.

Have you been to Cherry Hill?

What is your favorite part?

What are your favorite family traditions?

I’ve partnered with Cherry Hill and US Family Guide to let you know about their 50th Anniversary Celebration. All opinions are my own and I love sharing this fun, family tradition! 


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