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The Sacred Gift of Childbirth – Book Review

                          Soon after the birth of my first child, my friend Marie-Ange showed up on my doorstep with her arms full of diapers and gripe water.  Even more importantly, she came with the words of encouragement that I so desperately needed after a traumatic birth.  I had been in and out of the hospital for weeks leading up to Lily's birth culminating with pre-eclampsia and a Read more [...]

Part 3 – Kyler’s Birth

Part 3 – The Birth On the morning of September 22nd, I went in for my appointment at 9 am. I completed the non-stress test and the baby was slightly less active than usual. My blood pressure was also getting higher. I was dilated to almost a four. My doctor asked me when he could deliver the baby and - for the first time – that day felt right. My only hesitation was that the baby was posterior. The doctor said that he could easily flip him with forceps, but only if I had an epidural. I Read more [...]

Kyler’s Birth Story Part 1 – Why I decided to go natural

When I started writing Kyler’s birth story, I realized that a lot of the emotions I felt were tied into my other pregnancies as well so I wrote everything down. The complete story is so that I have a record of my journey toward choosing a natural birth. If you just want Kyler’s birth story skip to Part 3. I benefited from reading other’s natural birth stories online so I thought that I would share mine as well. Let me preface this by saying that I am DEEPLY GRATEFUL for each one of my children, Read more [...]