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Tips for getting the most out of your visit to Discovery Gateway + Family Membership Giveaway & Discount Tickets!

Now that is school is out it's time to start thinking of how you will keep your kiddos busy this summer. While they can certainly play outside, there will be days where it will be miserably hot. A great place to visit that will keep them cool and entertained is Discovery Gateway! We've already made our first visit to Discovery Gateway this summer. As you can tell from the picture above, it's been one of our favorite things to do in Utah since Lily was a baby. And that's one of my favorite Read more [...]

Christmas Countdown – Doc McStuffins Giveaway

    It has been all things Disney in the Parker/Trost households as we get ready for our 2014 Walt Disney World trip. To help us prepare, each family member has been assigned a secret service agent. Every month we give our secret service person Disney-related tasks and rewards. The creativity in our family has been amazing - just you wait for the fun blog posts to come about the secret service agents! With any activity/vacation I do with my children, I like to make sure that Read more [...]

Back to School – Outdoor Reading Games

    Earlier this week these words came out of my six-year-old's mouth, "I don't want to read. Reading is boring." Gasp! As a child I carried a book wherever I went and could not get enough of the library.  How could I give birth to a child who doesn't like to read (or at least tells me so in a frustrated moment. This too shall pass, I know)? My husband or I read several books a day to our children and we listen to classics like The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe while Read more [...]

Simple Ways to Make Reading Fun

During the summer, I am planning learning activities for my children as many days I can.    I view summer learning as a fun way to reinforce skills and concepts learned during the school year. This sneaky mom doesn't want the kiddos to catch on that they are actually still learning! Last week I may have blown up over 30 balloons for Lily's sixth birthday. Those balloons have been bopped, kicked, and chased all over the house. This week my goal was to introduce our new Alphabet Flash Read more [...]