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Things to do in Utah – Family Forward Friday

I'm the first to admit that I get restless. I love planning trips and excursions with my family. Camping in March - why not? Exploring exhibits at the museum - we are game! I live for that light and excitement in my children's eyes when they are trying something new and loving it. That's part of our family tradition and I adore that the first word's out of my daughter's mouth are often, "Where are we going today?" Looking back on my childhood, my parents were the same way. In fact, I still Read more [...]

Take the Temple Challenge – Family Forward Friday

It's the second week of Family Forward Friday and your stories are incredible. Here's a quick glimpse at the posts that were linked up last week. Thanks for sharing! If you are looking for a indepth look at Roots Tech, you need to check out Becky's blog post! Her photo story of her experiences is already making me excited for next year. My friend Paula from the Housewives of Riverton gives us another sneak peek at Roots Tech including her takeaways from interviewing Olympian Noelle Pikus Read more [...]

A sneak peek into my time at Roots Tech + first ever Family Forward Friday link up

Have you ever had a month where inspiration just pours in? That has been my February. I spent last week at Roots Tech, the largest family history conference in the world. I filled up a notebook with ideas that I want to start in my home.  Best part - my seven year old filled up some pages as well. Here's a little sample of what she wrote while Olympian Noelle Pikus Pace and Al Fox Carraway were speaking: "Get a 3 subject notebook. Write every day. Make three goals every day. I am so glad Read more [...]