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Goals for the Week – March 3rd

                                A phrase that keeps going through my mind lately is, "every journey begins with one small step." We've got lots of journeys in the works at the Parker house and that means lots to do! I'm hoping by participating in Money Saving Mom's weekly goals that I will keep myself accountable and learn from the other ladies participating as well! Marriage/Mothering/Homemaking  1. Read more [...]

5K – Tips and Tricks!

We did it! We ran/jogged our first 5K! And the best part is - WE LOVED IT! We are hooked. And that is saying something, coming from me. I am not a runner/jogger. Wasn't thrilled about it prior to having kids and still wasn't convinced after I had kids. Until I began seeing pictures of all my friends on facebook and in blog land completing 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, marathons, Iron Man's, Ragnars. And - dang - they looked good! Most looked pretty happy, too. So I decided to give running a 5K a try Read more [...]

Week Five – Water and Walking!

This week we are back to fitness to jump start the beautiful month of May. This week is dedicated to the W's - mainly walking and water. My sister over at Live to be Inspired is a smarty pants and already googled why water is so important. Here are her findings: We’re made out of water—Between 60 to 70% of your body is made from water. Your blood, muscles, tissues, and other parts are your body are basically water as well. Because so much of our body is made from water, it only makes sense Read more [...]

Tracking Wrap Up

Last week's goal was tracking. Things I tracked ....... Nights this 2.5 year old slept in her big girl bed Weight of my chubby little Mii .... Food I ate and exercise .... What I learned ....Little people like to keep track of their progress just as much as big people. My mini diva did not entirely love sleeping in her big girl bed, but she did love putting a Disney princess sticker on the calendar every morning. When she got to the end of the week and had enough Disney princesses, we Read more [...]