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Summer fun at Cherry Hill!

Cherry Hill is a favorite family tradition that has lasted 40+ years. What's the secret sauce to getting 100+ people together every year? Maybe it's the delicious slices of pie on Saturday night, maybe it's the races down Cardiac Canyon, or maybe it's the campsite games and conversations. Whatever the reason, I am grateful to grandparents who have gathered us to together at Cherry Hill since I was a baby. And now I take my own babies! This family-friendly place is nestled in Davis County. Read more [...]

Light the World – Blessings from Giving and Receiving

Are you ready to Light the World? On December 1st, Mormon.org will be kicking off the Christmas season with a worldwide day of service. My friend Wendy and I got a jump start on serving with our families and I am so excited to share our experience with you! Why participate? Because you have so much to give! This year I discovered that even in difficult times, I have something to offer.  Every year I prayerfully choose a few words to live by. For 2016 I was strongly impressed to "give Read more [...]

Five Ways to Raise a Sustainable Family + #GetMessyGetClean Festival

Getting my family outside playing together and enjoying the sunshine is a top priority this summer. Our day at the Get Messy Get Clean Festival at Thanksgiving Point fit the bill perfectly. Whether my children were creating and popping massive bubbles (you've got to see the video HERE) or planting an herb garden in pots they decorated themselves, they loved every minute and begged to stay longer. I had Annie's cheddar bunnies and Justin's almond butter packets to snack on, so I was happy Read more [...]

A Day in the Life of a Family Blogger

This is the niche of bloggers I want to sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and quiz the most. The mommy bloggers! Of course, many bloggers in other niches are also mothers and in similar situations. Where is the line drawn between blog and family or is it all jumbled together in a mutually beneficial heap of fun and hard work? As a blogger and a mother, this is the reason I started the A Day in the Life of a Blogger series. My curiosity at how a mom and a blogger juggles both roles lead me Read more [...]

More ways to save for Disney + $20 Disney Gift Card Giveaway

Last year I shared some of the ways we are saving for our Disney vacation. With our vacation coming up next month, it's time to update with more ways to save for Disney! 1. As I mentioned in my last post, saving for a Disney vacation boils down to determining the amount you need to save, dividing it up into monthly achievable amounts, and working toward it each month (my next tip will help you with that!). Some months I do great earning money with freelance writing and yard sale groups; Read more [...]

Goals for the Week – March 3rd

                                A phrase that keeps going through my mind lately is, "every journey begins with one small step." We've got lots of journeys in the works at the Parker house and that means lots to do! I'm hoping by participating in Money Saving Mom's weekly goals that I will keep myself accountable and learn from the other ladies participating as well! Marriage/Mothering/Homemaking  1. Read more [...]

Family Fun at Cornbelly’s #coupon

  For the Parkers fall means football and family time! I can't wait to surprise my family with the theme of this year's corn maze at Thanksgiving Point on Friday. Cornbelly's Corn Maze & Pumpkin Fest is paying friendly tribute this year to the time-honored rivalry between BYU and the University of Utah. Featuring a new design each year, Utah's original corn maze will open October 4, giving guests the opportunity to show whether they bleed red or blue ... in both the cornfield and Read more [...]

Malawi’s Pizza Celebration

As a child, a stack of books towered by my bed and I loved being transported to fictional lands with fantastical characters. During high school and college, I turned to non-fiction and I was equally inspired and transported to foreign lands. My library card was well-worn and I remember the day I checked out a biography about Mother Theresa. Reading about the 4'10" woman with big plans and an even bigger heart caused me to vow that one day I, too, would help orphans in faraway lands. I scrimped Read more [...]