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Three Reasons to Participate in the Worldwide Indexing Event

                          This year I made a direct difference in the life stories of 1396 individuals and helped 1000s more in the process without leaving the comfort of my own home.  How was this possible for a mom of three with limited time and resources? Simple - indexing! And you can, too! This weekend is the perfect time to dive in and try indexing for yourself! From July 15-17, FamilySearch Read more [...]

Comfort Food Tallarina with Jones Creek Grass-Fed Beef

 Nothing brings people together like good food. You could say that my husband and I fell in love over a bowl of the yummiest, comfort-food meat and pasta dish in his family's recipe box - Tallarina. Bringing all the ingredients to my BYU apartment, he swept me off of my feet with his cooking skills.  What this dish lacks in looks, it makes up for in taste! Especially with ingredients like Monterey Jack Cheese, minced garlic, savory tomato sauce, and grass-fed Jones Creek beef. Check out this Read more [...]
Family Tree Matching Game for Kids

Family Tree Matching Game for Kids

  After logging onto Family Search and discovering the new customizeable and printable family trees, I knew exactly what I wanted to make - an interactive art project for my child's room. The family tree art is pretty enough to stand alone, but I wanted something to draw my children into family history. Something to start conversations. So I took the printable family tree, enlarged it, and turned it into a matching game. My kids were begging to play it before I even finished all Read more [...]

Relative Race – The Next Must-See Reality Show Debuts on BYU-TV.

(Be sure to enter the Relative Race Giveaway for $500 to Delta Airlines, $300 to Marriott Hotels, and a $200 VISA gift card to spend as you wish!) It's Amazing Race meets Who Do You Think You Are with as many laughs, tears, and feel-good moments as you can possibly squeeze into one episode. ‪‎Relative Race instantly became my new must-watch show after previewing it at Roots Tech. The first episode officially debuts tonight on BYUTV at 6 pm MST. It's a reality competition with a unique, Read more [...]

How to make Family History Bingo

It's no secret that I LOVE family history. I've been pouring over pedigrees and journals since elementary school. Attending Roots Tech earlier this year fueled my family history fire and since then it's been my goal to get my family just as excited about exploring their roots. We've done Family History Jeopardy and have a trip to the Family History Discovery Center  in Salt Lake coming up later this month, but one of my favorite ideas so far has been Family History Bingo. Everyone LOVES Read more [...]