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Family Time at The Leonardo + Discount Code

It's no secret that our family are HUGE fans of The Leonardo (see blog posts here, here, here, and here . The Leonardo is one of our favorite things to do in Salt Lake City, Utah. We love it so much that our kids are getting a family membership from Santa for Christmas. This year we are focusing more on EXPERIENCES than things. And The Leonardo is chock full of educational and fun experiences for everyone - from my preschooler up to my 4th grader. Earlier this month we spent an Read more [...]

Family time at Baby Animal Days in Kaysville + Giveaway!

                        (Two chances to win family passes! Check it out on below and on my Instagram page! ) My kids are quite vocal about their love of animals. They get it from their Dad! Although I am kind to animals, my kids just can't get enough of them. Spring is one of their favorite times of year because that means Baby Animal Days!  This year it is May 6th and 7th courtesy of Utah State Read more [...]
Family Tree Matching Game for Kids

Family Tree Matching Game for Kids

  After logging onto Family Search and discovering the new customizeable and printable family trees, I knew exactly what I wanted to make - an interactive art project for my child's room. The family tree art is pretty enough to stand alone, but I wanted something to draw my children into family history. Something to start conversations. So I took the printable family tree, enlarged it, and turned it into a matching game. My kids were begging to play it before I even finished all Read more [...]

Potty Training Tips and Tricks for On the Go

With my first child I blocked out a nice long break from all activities that required leaving the house so that we could focus solely on potty training. Now that I am potty training my third child, we no longer have that luxury! From car pools to weekend camping trips, I've got to be able to potty train on the go - especially after the first week! So how do I do it without pulling my hair out and cancelling everything on my calendar? I make sure that I have all of our favorite on the go potty Read more [...]

Uplift Family Conference + Special Discount Code!

Pinch me because so much of August was a dream month for me! Sitting down with these like-minded ladies in the Utah Governor's Mansion reaffirmed to me that uplifting and promoting families is the best possible thing I can be doing right now. These bloggers are passionate about family and being with them brings me hope that there is so much we can do to share the good! Keep reading because we have an exciting announcement to share with you! I was lucky enough to get to sit by my good friend Read more [...]

How to make Family History Bingo

It's no secret that I LOVE family history. I've been pouring over pedigrees and journals since elementary school. Attending Roots Tech earlier this year fueled my family history fire and since then it's been my goal to get my family just as excited about exploring their roots. We've done Family History Jeopardy and have a trip to the Family History Discovery Center  in Salt Lake coming up later this month, but one of my favorite ideas so far has been Family History Bingo. Everyone LOVES Read more [...]

Five Ways to Raise a Sustainable Family + #GetMessyGetClean Festival

Getting my family outside playing together and enjoying the sunshine is a top priority this summer. Our day at the Get Messy Get Clean Festival at Thanksgiving Point fit the bill perfectly. Whether my children were creating and popping massive bubbles (you've got to see the video HERE) or planting an herb garden in pots they decorated themselves, they loved every minute and begged to stay longer. I had Annie's cheddar bunnies and Justin's almond butter packets to snack on, so I was happy Read more [...]

Tips for getting the most out of your visit to Discovery Gateway + Family Membership Giveaway & Discount Tickets!

Now that is school is out it's time to start thinking of how you will keep your kiddos busy this summer. While they can certainly play outside, there will be days where it will be miserably hot. A great place to visit that will keep them cool and entertained is Discovery Gateway! We've already made our first visit to Discovery Gateway this summer. As you can tell from the picture above, it's been one of our favorite things to do in Utah since Lily was a baby. And that's one of my favorite Read more [...]

Last Chance to See Body Worlds at The Leonardo

This weekend is your last chance to see the Body Worlds exhibit at The Leonardo in Salt Lake City. I took my family earlier this year and it was fascinating. Body Worlds & The Cycle of Life left me with a greater appreciation for how the human body works. This latest exhibition from physician and pioneering anatomist Dr. Gunther von Hagens showcases the body in all stages of life.  Seeing all of the different organs, vessels, and muscles and how they intricately work together was incredible.  Read more [...]

Take the Temple Challenge – Family Forward Friday

It's the second week of Family Forward Friday and your stories are incredible. Here's a quick glimpse at the posts that were linked up last week. Thanks for sharing! If you are looking for a indepth look at Roots Tech, you need to check out Becky's blog post! Her photo story of her experiences is already making me excited for next year. My friend Paula from the Housewives of Riverton gives us another sneak peek at Roots Tech including her takeaways from interviewing Olympian Noelle Pikus Read more [...]