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How I Lost 5 lbs in a Week!

It's no secret that we are working on living healthier. From clean eating to more family fitness, we are doing all we can to move forward and give our family a healthy new start. This month has been particularly busy with house hunting, a blogging conference coming up this weekend (SNAP! Yay!), and planning for our trip to Disney World next month. When a family member mentioned a book that was working wonders for them and their weight loss, I cheered for them, but left it at that. A month Read more [...]

General Conference Activities and Ideas

Design by AshLee Winterrose of Mama Bear Designery As a Latter-day Saint, I look forward to hearing from our world-wide church leaders twice a year at General Conference. The event is held in downtown Salt Lake City, but is also broadcast to LDS church buildings worldwide as well as on the Internet and television. I am so excited to listen with my family! Each year, I find myself asking, how do I prepare myself and my family for General Conference? The church has put together amazing resources Read more [...]