Mickey Mouse Oreos

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Easy Mickey Mouse OreosMy family is head over heels for all things Disney. From vacations to movies to toys – we love the mouse and all his friends. This Disney mania can all be traced back to my Dad. As a child he went to Disneyland with his family and he has kept the tradition going with us!

For my Dad’s birthday this year, we decided that he needed an extra special treat. Dad has never been a huge fan of traditional desserts – the way to his heart is Oreos! Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas – Papa Scotty (as my children call him) always gets Oreos. Combing two of his favorite things was inevitable!












My Pinterest-loving self scanned Pinterest and found these darling  Minnie and Mickey Mouse Cookie Oreo Pops from Cooking Classy. So adorable, right? Click on the links to get the directions for her adorable Oreo Pops! Her pops are much fancier than mine. I love the concept, but found myself short on time. Instead of the vanilla almond bark and sprinkles (which would have been to-die-for delicious!), I opted for sparkle frosting straight off the store shelves. Here is what I ended up with:


My easy peasy version of Mickey Mouse Oreos requires four simple ingredients:

Double Stuffed Oreos

Oreo Mini Bite Sized Cookies

Red Sparkle Cupcake Frosting

White Cupcake Frosting

These are so simple to make!

1. Squirt the red sparkle cupcake frosting directly onto the Double Stuffed Oreo to make Mickey’s shorts. A little goes a long way! I used a mini spoon to smooth mine out a little.

2. Cut the smallest tip on the white cupcake frosting. This will make it easier to make your itty bitty dabs of white for the buttons on Mickeys shorts. A short little squeeze is all you need for each button.

3. Take apart the the mini Oreos to use for the ears. Scrape off the frosting and feed to your child helpers. They’ll love it! Press the single cookies into the white of the Double Stuffed Oreos.

4. Viola – quick and easy Mickey Mouse Oreos!

Mickey Mouse Birthday Oreos









The Mickey Mouse Oreos were a hit with Papa Scott and the children. They were a hit with me because they were so easy to make!

What is your go to quick and easy treat?

Do you have any Disney fans in your house?

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15 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse Oreos

  1. Liza @ Views From the 'Ville

    They turned out very cute! I saw that same pin and got inspired, too; I tried the Minnie Mouse ones for my daughter’s 2nd birthday in February. Not quite as pretty as hers but they were yummy 🙂 Isn’t Pinterest awesome?

  2. Mags

    We love Mickey Mouse and Oreos a lot at our house too. What a fun idea! I’m pinning for later. Thanks for sharing. Found you at Southern Lovely link party.

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