Evermore Pumpkin Fest – Choose your haunt!

Evermore Park Pumpkin Fest - Pleasant Grove, UT

Date night just got spookier Utah! The husband and I attended a VIP event at Evermore Park Pumpkin Fest on Saturday and were blown away by the haunting details and stunning technology. This is not your average haunted forest and pumpkin festival peeps! Here’s a little sneak peek to what awaits:

Think choose your own adventure meets Halloween haunt meets Victorian time period. Did I scream like a little girl and push  my husband ahead of me in the twists and turns in the mausoleum – oh yes! Did I stop to oogle all the ah-mazing costumes when I was done screaming – that’s another yes!

Evermore Pumpkin Festival

















The Evermore Pumpkin Fest includes an exhilarating jaunt through a haunted cemetery where you can complete one of four different quests (or keep going back to complete all four!) This was my husband’s favorite part. An interactive haunted quest – sign him up! I liked that it was subtly scary at times rather than in your face scary all the time. This totally makes it more spooky to me. All inhabitants of the tavern and cemetery are in character and interact with you. I believe it is the first time I have talked with someone on a haunted excursion before!

Choose your own quest at the Evermore Pumpkin Fest!

















Word has it that the always in character residents of the tavern and haunted cemetery are very accommodating to all ages. But if a haunted cemetery isn’t your thing, there is plenty for the little ones to do as well! There are hundreds of jack o lanterns all designed and displayed in a unique fashion from the entrance archway to the giant pumpkin character at the end of a hay bale maze.

Evermore Pumpkin Festival

















Don’t miss the street entertainers while you are checking out the pumpkins! You may even come across a 20 pound blood python or the birds of Evermore which were definitely crowd favorites amongst the kids and adults.

The birds of Evermore Park

















I’ll let you in on a little secret. TONIGHT (Wednesday, October 29th, 2014) is the PERFECT night to go to Evermore Park because not only will you be treated to all of the above, but there will also be a music festival starring Mindy Gledhill, Fictionist, and more! Get tickets online in advance for $5 off. Steal of a deal for a haunted excursion and a concert!

Mindy Gledhill at Evermore Park

My husband and I had a blast at  Evermore Pumpkin Fest and definitely think it is the new haunted place to be in Utah. If you are looking for a fun activity to do with family or friends this week for Halloween, look no further. From college students to the littles, it’s fun for all ages.

One of my favorite parts of our VIP experience at the Pumpkin Fest was hearing from owner and visionary of Evermore,  Ken Bretschneider. While the grounds of Evermore hold the Pumpkin Fest this year, tentative plans are underway to begin construction on a multi million dollar adventure theme park that is both interactive and immersive. John and I marveled at the miniature set of the park that included a  graveyard and hedgemaze, a high-tech hotel, a water park nestled into a cliffside castle, a Victorian village straight from Dickens, a church complete with catacombs to explore underneath, a derelict pirate ship and hideaway cove and much, much more. Be sure to follow Evermore Park on facebook to keep up to date!

To say we are excited for it is an understatement! But for now, my husband is ready to go back and choose his next quest at the Evermore Nightshade Cemetery! Head on over tonight and catch Mindy Gledhill! Remember, tickets are $5 off if you preorder online. The Pumpkin Fest runs through November 1st and is located off exit 275 in Pleasant Grove.

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