Four Ways to Use Up Your Halloween Candy – Math Games & Candy Experiments!


This year I was finally prepared for the Halloween candy aftermath! I was up before dawn with my trusty Scotch Thermal Laminator and Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches (these have been worth their weight in gold this year!) making Halloween candy math games and studying candy experiments. If we’re all going to be on a sugar high the day after Halloween – we may as well learning something while we are at it!

My quick work did not disappoint. All three children (ages 3-7) had a blast doing Halloween math games and Halloween candy experiments. It easily held their attention this morning and was completely adaptable to each of their grade levels.

First up was candy graphing with M&Ms and Skittles as pictured above. I used this 2 inch printable graphing paper from Classroom Jr – perfect size for candy counting! And then I laminated those babies so that we can use them again next year! Before we started graphing with the M&Ms, we each guessed which color we would have the most of. The winner – orange! Interesting, huh?

After the graphing, we took a math break and did some candy science. We attended the BYU Chemistry Magic Show a few weeks ago and the kids loved it! (PS if you are in the Utah County area in October – you’ve got to attend!) I knew that doing our own candy experiment would be a hit.

Candy Science Experiments

I gave each child a small glass of water and instructed them to a put a skittle or M&M in the water. We then guessed what we thought would happen and eagerly watched to see if our guess was correct.

They correctly guessed that the color would come off of the candy, but they were so surprised when the letters, S & M, floated to the top. Definitely candy magic!

Skittle Experiment

We also discovered that the skittle reacted much more quickly with the water than the M&M did.

M&M Candy Experiment

And here’s another shot of the S floating to the top. Very cool when you are a five year old!

Halloween Candy Experiment with Skittles

Next up was more laminated fun with M&Ms. I laminated these quick and easy math pages from the Mama Miss. Both my kindergartner and second grader had fun figuring out different ways to add to a certain number with their candy pieces.

M&M Math

Surprisingly, my kids didn’t gobble up all the candy. They were having too much fun doing the Halloween math games! I think having access to their candy in the morning and having fun with it helped to dull their immediate need to devour the entire bag like some years.

One aspect of this post-Halloween learning time that I loved was that my kindergartner began making up his own games. If you remember from my Halloween Pumpkin Learning Activities post, this boy loves to make patterns! Perfect way to use those M&Ms and Skittles again!

M&Ms for Patterning

We had so much fun together this morning and I am thrilled to have them laminated for next year. I’m sure we will use them throughout the next week or so and then save them for next year (or the next time we have an influx of candy!)

Halloween Candy Math


What is your favorite Halloween candy?

How do you handle the Halloween candy in your house?

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62 thoughts on “Four Ways to Use Up Your Halloween Candy – Math Games & Candy Experiments!

  1. courtneyLynne

    Omg this looks like an awesome way to use left over candy!!! My daughter isn2 and has a whole bucket of candy that will probably barely get touched so I should totally do this with her 😉

  2. Alisha Kostiuk

    These are great ideas. My son learned to count on MM’s. It sure helps them to pick up math skills quickly.

  3. Amanda Love

    What a great way to incorporate all the left over candy. I just took away the extra candy from the kids yesterday. No more candy for the rest of the year, or at least until Christmas.

  4. Shauna

    Oh my goodness, this is so funny, but years ago I was struggling with math. I mean; in tears. Then my Step-Mom got a bag of M&M’s out and totally helped me see the equations. Really helped me.


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