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This year has been so incredible busy and I have been blessed with amazing opportunities! When I saw the prompt from SITS Girls to blog about 10 Things I am Grateful For, I just had to join in. Thanksgiving is still two months away, but it is so important to have gratitude in our hearts all year long. As I wrote my list, I was reminded that there are many more things than ten that I have to be grateful for. So here is just a snipped of the gratitude in my heart this week:

The Leonardo - Things to do in Salt Lake City



















1. Cortland. I am grateful for this little man and his love of learning. His preschool was canceled this week so we spent the day exploring The Leonardo in downtown Salt Lake. The one on one time was just what we needed.

Chalk the Block



















2. Lily. I am grateful for her creativity. She is in her element in artistic environments like the one we discovered at Provo’s Chalk the Block. She sees and creates beauty around her.

General Conference Resources for Kids

3. I am grateful for General Conference twice a year – an event in the LDS Church where we gather to learn from our worldwide church leaders. This year I collaborated with other LDS bloggers and came up with a myriad of resources and ideas to #sharethegood and help better prepare our families for General Conference. (We are also giving away over $400 in gift cards and fabulous products!)

Family History











4. Family History. I am grateful that I have always had a desire to learn about my roots and where I come from. My mom is the second cutie from the right, isn’t she adorable? I’ve been blessed with many opportunities to study my family’s history and I hope to continue to do so with my own children! Right now, I am indexing on Family Search and it is fascinating! Plus it is easy service!

Bear Lake



















5. Travel. Oh how I love to travel! I am thankful for our family adventures! We go to Bear Lake each year with my extended family. I love seeing my children exploring out in nature and discovering new things.


6. Health. Health is something I have taken for granted. I’m relooking at my relationship with food. Grateful for fuel for my body like these delicious Bear Lake raspberries!


7. My husband. This man tops the list of what I am grateful for! He is incredible supportive of my hopes and dreams. Best father and husband that our little family could ask for!

Midway Ice Caves

8. Creativity in the World. I am constantly amazed by the creativity and brilliance of those around me. We visited the Midway Ice Caves in Heber City this past winter and they truly took my breath away. Much gratitude to those who think outside the box and share their visions with others!


9. Lifelong Friends. I know that I hit in the jackpot with friends. I met these lovely ladies in college when we all worked on the newspaper together. They accepted me and all of my quirks and have been there for me ever since! Whenever we get together, we are able to start right back where we left off. They inspire, they make me laugh, they make my life better.


10. Kyler. And last, but not least. My little ray of sunshine. This little man’s energy and excitement for life simultaneously rejuvenate and exhaust me every day. Love him to pieces.

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What are you grateful for today?

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